The Team

  • _0001_Nick Nick CEO

    Nick is CEO and actively oversees all its projects. Before joining We Are What We Do in 2007, Nick worked as a teacher, youth worker and campaigner, exploring new ways of bringing social issues to life for larger, more diverse audiences. His work here has taken this a step further, drawing on behavioural economics and social psychology to create projects that “incidentally” affect people’s behaviour in positive ways.

    Over the last five years, with Nick at the helm, his team have launched a string of creative behaviour change products and tools and won numerous awards for their work.

    Nick really likes American Football movies and will always regret not getting to be a quarterback at a pep rally. He really doesn’t like emoticons :(

    Read his approach paper, and his blog and his speaker profile.

  • team_tori Tori Creative Director

    Tori is our Creative Director and has been at the heart of We Are What We Do’s creative process since 2009, drawing on her background at London advertising agency WCRS where she won D&AD, BTAA, and Creative Circle awards.

    She manages a host of graphic designers, animators, photographers and web designers overseeing the look and feel of all We Are What We Do projects and finding innovative ways of making them reach and appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

    She also manages the office window boxes and has successfully propagated a number of plants.

    See her speaker profile.

  • kathleen Kathleen Research and Evaluation Director

    Kathleen leads on the rigorous research that forms the foundation of all our work, and the evaluation of all projects, from the initial stages of concept development, through to the refinement of products and services, to the establishment of long-term impact analysis frameworks.

    Previously, Kathleen has led research projects, both in the UK and internationally, as Senior Manager for Research and Economics at the City & Guilds Centre for Skills Development, working with a wide range of stakeholders, from community level to international policymakers.

    Kathleen loves understanding how things work and her claims to fame include having done a presentation on an IMAX size screen (fortunately there were no three foot typos…).

  • ALEX Alex Chief Technical Officer

    Alex is our Chief Technical Officer and as such takes the lead on all our digital activities. It’s a diverse job that ranges from managing our team of designers and developers, to helping our account managers specify projects for the development team, to working with our strategy team to identify how we can use all things digital to maximise our reach and value. Alex loves the breadth of tasks thrown at him each day, whether he’s designing better ways for us to run lean, efficient and fun projects or fixing the printer (he normally just turns it off and on again).

    Alex started his career with IBM in 1996 and has nearly 20 years experience in the industry. He got the top first in Computer Science at Bristol, he’s a Chartered IT professional (CITP) and programs in 14 languages. He has two little girls who often break his home computer then request that “Daddy fix it”.

  • ella Ella Account Director

    Ella is our Account Director and as such manages many of our relationships with partners and is the primary point of contact between them and the We Are What We Do team. She project manages all joint ventures, planning projects so they meet the partners’ needs and integrate into our research and development work.

    Ella is also in charge of our internal processes, designing and running them in such a way that our small team is able to work on a diverse range of projects and responsibility is smoothly passed between our research, design, build and strategy specialists as we work through our social innovation process.

    She also works closely with our comms team both to promote our own products, and to help partners get the most of theirs.

    Ella is known for her awesome laugh and ability to whip up a themed Spotify playlist for any occasion.

  • julia Julia Finance Director

    Julia has had a long and prestigious career in finance and now keeps We Are What We Do’s finances in order, preparing accounts and budgets as well as providing general financial and tax advice.

    When she’s not working with us, she’s doing the sums for two market research companies and a fruit and veg company and looking after her three kids.

    Julia enjoys making jam, swapping books and eating dessert.

  • naomi Naomi Lead Researcher

    Naomi is our Lead Researcher, working closely with Kathleen, and spends most of her time finding things out. She gathers information at the start of a project to feed into project designs, she speaks to users to test out ideas when they have been designed and she helps evaluate how successful a product or service has been. Her work can range from reading academic papers, to speaking to people in person, to scouring the internet.

    Having spent five years as a researcher, Naomi has worked in both the charity and commercial sector and loves the mix of people she gets to talk to as part of her job. Naomi is a keen swimmer and has a passion for Jazz singing, although recently found out she is pretty appalling at karaoke.

  • team_reb Rebecka Finance Manager

    Rebecka is our Finance Manager and looks after our books and the day-to-day running of We Are What We Do’s finances. She works closely with Julia to make sure that the numbers add up. After spending many years dipping her finger in and out of the book-keeping pie, she has now taken the plunge to study accountancy and is frequently swotting for her exams.

    Before joining us, Rebecka worked in the poetry sector and was busy doing an MA in literature and cultural history. She is the office’s unofficial early 20th century history nerd and collects all sorts of historical ephemera, including knitting patterns that she makes clothes from.

  • sean Sean Office and Project Assistant

    Sean is our Office and Project Assistant. He’s in charge of keeping the office running smoothly, from booking meetings to filing, communal fruit bowls to couriers. He also assists on specific projects, and is currently helping deliver our healthy fast food work.

    He previously worked at the BBC as a Runner for two years across their entertainment and factual departments. One of his many tasks there included standing in for Victoria Pendleton during a rehearsal of Strictly Come Dancing, chatting to Brucey about how much he enjoyed the Olympics. It was not a full dress rehearsal.

  • james1 James Research Intern

    James is currently working with us as a research intern for the summer and will be helping on a number of different projects. Originally inspired by our work tackling poor diets and the ubiquitous chicken shops, he is excited to work with us to develop his curiosity and enthusiasm for social enterprise (whilst learning plenty more along the way).

    James has recently finished a degree in Philosophy at UCL. When he’s not working or reading, he is a keen cricket watcher, electronic music listener and a (slow) language learner.

  • breandan Breandán Digital Product Manager

    Breandán (pronounced Brendarn, we think…) is our digital product manager, developing platforms like Historypin 
    and Internet Buttons to meet the long-term and short-term needs of their communities. He works with the technology, research, design and executive teams to build and share a practical vision for all of our digital products and services.

    He has 20 years of experience building digital systems for public, private and not-for-profit organisations, most recently as the Chief Product Officer at the Europeana Foundation in The Hague. He has a passion for community-driven cultural heritage projects, and has collaborated with memory institutions, academics and volunteers to find the best digital solutions.

    He is a keen Irish traditional musician, holds an MA in Ethnomusicology from the University of Limerick and is working on a PhD about online audiovisual folk music archives.

  • jon Jon Historypin Strategic Partnerships Director

    Jon is Historypin’s Strategic Partnerships Director. Working with our vast network of cultural heritage, academic, and technology partners, Jon leads our development of institutional infrastructure (like Linked Open Data, and the convening of game-changing conferences and working groups) and advises on our consumer-facing web and mobile products.

    Beyond Historypin, Jon has organized the first International Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives and Museums Summit, founded LookBackMaps and project manages Civil War Data 150, a collaborative project about the American Civil War.

    Jon is a long time resident of San Francisco and brings some high-octane Bay positivity to the more cynical British team, brightening the end of their day as he logs on 8am PST with phrases like “Guys! This is awesome! :)”.

    See his speaker profile.

  • rebekkah Rebekkah Historypin Operations Director

    Rebekkah is Historypin Operations Director and takes responsibility for all day-to-day Historypin activities, managing the delivery of projects, partnerships and internal objectives. She supports hundreds of archive partners to share their collections on Historypin and manages the project officers.

    Rebekkah joined We Are What We Do when Historypin was in embryonic form and has been instrumental in growing the network of archive partners which now stretches round the globe.

    Rebekkah is very much an night owl so don’t be surprised if she sends you emails in the very early hours of the morning.

  • kerri Kerri Historypin Community Officer

    Kerri is a Historypin Community Officer in San Francisco. She helps to manage local projects and partnerships, and never gets tired of telling people about Historypin. Kerri discovered Historypin studying Public History in London, joined us for an internship, and has been hooked ever since.

    A certified anglophile, she loves all things British, as well as listening to music and going to concerts. Never letting work become work, Kerri loves using her spare time to find modern replicas of old photos with her Historypin app.

  • lise Lise Historypin Community Officer

    Lise is a Community Officer for Historypin, based in the London office. She manages and delivers our Food and Drink project in partnership with Europeana, doing everything from talking to partners, to running sessions with local groups, to tweeting about all her adventures. Prior to joining us, Lise studied museums and cultural heritage and worked in education and community engagement for a number of art, history and archaeology museums.

    Lise has lived in the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Australia, Germany and England. Her numerous qualifications include a barista certification and prizes for Irish dance.

  • steve Steve Historypin Community Officer

    Steve is a Community Officer for Historypin, based in the London office. He’s currently managing and delivering our project in Barking and Dagenham. His role involves helping local communities to use our tools, organising and running local sessions and collecting people’s photographs and memories.

    Steve has trained and worked as an Oral Historian throughout East London and has a previously worked as playwright, writing for the National Youth Theatre. He now enjoys collecting people’s stories as much – if not more – than writing them.

  • giles Giles Co-Chair

    Giles is co-chair of our board and been involved with We Are What We Do from its inception in 2004. He’s worked at Cadbury Schweppes, Saatchi & Saatchi and helped set up M&C Saatchi before starting Good Business, one of Europe’s leading Corporate Responsibility Consultancies.

    He’s penned a couple of books, including Good Business with Steve Hilton, and writes monthly columns for the Times and the Ethical Corporation.

    He makes a mean crab linguine.

  • team_david David Founder & Co-Chair

    David founded We Are What We Do.

    He lives and works in Newham where he set up Community Links, a groundbreaking inner-city charity that delivers practical projects in East London, influences organisations across the UK and contributes to government policy. David is also co-founder of the Children’s Discovery Centre and has written several books including “Unconditional Leadership” and, with Gordon Brown, “Britains Everyday Heroes”. He later led the Prime Minister’s Council on Social Action.

    David’s not very keen on awards but has won a few, including an honorary doctorate from the Open University and an OBE.

    If he were to begin again, David would find a circus that could use a magician with more enthusiasm than talent. As it is this is a half forgotten hobby which gets very little attention from a full time community worker and father of three.

  • stan Stan Board member

    Stan sits on our board and takes care of all our legal worries. Stan has worked as a corporate lawyer for 25 years, and is now a top dog at Lyndales. He is also a Trustee of Community Links for which he was recently honoured with an OBE.

    He is a passionate Londoner, father of 2 and spends his spare moments travelling, checking out architecture and long distance walking.

  • paul Paul Board Member

    Paul sits on our board and has been involved in We Are What We Do since our first project, Change The World for A Fiver. He has a long history in innovation and strategic thinking within the advertising and marketing communications sector.

    During his 30-year career, he has started two communications agencies, run some of the largest Advertising agencies in Europe and set up Marketing at the BBC.

    Paul has been heavily involved in many ground-breaking charity and public service initiatives including a 20-year involvement with Comic Relief and the establishment of both Pilotlight and TimeBank. Paul was also a member of the Gordon Brown’s Council on Social Action.

    Paul co-founded the street party movement, The Big Lunch,  and is currently founder and CEO of Your Square Mile, the citizens’ mutual.

  • team_sasho Sasho Lead Web Developer

    Sasho is Grand Master Jedi of our websites.

    He’s been developing websites and web applications for over 12 years, and has been managing our web team in Bulgaria for seven years. He knows, uses and loves a wide variety of programming languages from Basic, to Bash and Python to Prolog – more than he can count on his fingers and toes – and aims to master at least one new language each year.

    Sasho is crazy about performance optimization and that obsession can be seen in everything we do. He has also written a several custom frameworks.Sasho is Bulgarian National Champion of the strategy game Go, and his love of gaming feeds into our own web platforms. When not programming, Sasho loves reading, mountain biking and spending time with his family.

  • asen2 Asen Web Developer

    Asen is a PHP and Python developer and part of our Bulgarian development team, working across all our digital projects. As a back-end developer, he’s focussed on wielding beautiful models and controllers to make Nedko’s interfaces come alive. He uses his wizardry to work with the databases to make our websites actually do anything. He’s equally at home knee deep in data as surfing in source code.

    When not trying to make the user’s life easier, he likes to crush them in all kind of online games. He is a big metal fan and describes his hobbies as “pretty much anything that is not a sport”.

  • gabi2 Gabi Quality Assurance Engineer

    Gabi is our a Quality Assurance Engineer, testing all our websites and hunting down bugs. She’ll happily play with any site, pressing every button and trying every journey, so you, The Public, hopefully have a smoother experience.

    When she’s not staring at multiple screens, she loves reading and watching movies, especially fantasies and thrillers. She also loves playing cards.

  • Boris Boris Web Developer

    Boris is one of our web developers, and a key part of our Bulgarian based team, working across all our digital projects. He has been coding since high school and comes from a Java background but has recently been enjoying a new challenge – wrestling Python. He works alongside Asen tackling the
    back-end challenges, does his best to “make stuff work”. Boris is an avid gamer and lover of rock music.

  • nedko Nedko Web Developer

    Nedko is a front-end web developer from the Bulgarian development team, working across all our digital projects. Working closely with our UI designers, he uses his mastery of HTML and CSS to make our websites pretty and functional. He claims he enjoys swimming in thousands lines of code.

    Nedko loves playing guitar. In sunny weather he can be usually found in the park having long jams with friends. And of course long jams make him thirsty and lead to his second favorite thing – wheat beer.