We Are What We Do has worked with and for 100s of companies and charities to help them engage more people and do more good. We pride ourselves on being able to make pretty much everything ourselves, with full creative and digital teams that have been lucky enough to churn out a series of big hits. If you need some good people to do good things, we’ll come and have a cup of tea with you and talk you through what we offer.


Over the last 8 years of working to make positive changes to the behaviours of mass audiences, we’ve learnt a lot. Even when we’ve been successful and sold a million books or got 100s of 1000s of people to queue up around the world for our latest product, we’ve looked at what we could have done better and asked ourselves if we could have made a more profound, sustained difference. Out of this has come our distinct approach to behaviour change, which is at once a bit cynical about how and why people can be incentivised to act in different ways, and hugely optimistic about the power of new types of social creativity. Led by our CEO, Nick Stanhope, and MD, Hayley Abdullah, our strategy team applies this experience and this approach to our clients’ challenges and ambitions.


The strengths of a creative team lie in its track record and, with Change the World for a Fiver, I’m Not a Plastic Bag, Historypin and the Tweet Towel, among others, our lot are sitting on some great stuff. Lead by our Creative Director, Tori Flower, our creatives and designers take a good strategy and develop unique creative ideas for campaigns, products, tools and live experiences and articulate these with non-righteous, distinct design and copy.


Over the last two years, our Digital team has grown quickly on the back of a series of big, successful website and app builds that have combined our approach to behaviour change with high quality programming and design. The team, led by Alex, respond to digital briefs and budgets of all shapes and sizes, always with the same excitement and passion.

Project delivery in communities

Everything we do has its roots and its impact in local communities, so, from day one, we have been accumulating direct project delivery at this level. We now manage projects all over the world, with local project workers as far afield as Reading, Suffolk and San Francisco. We love our work in communities and relish the chance to grow it by working with partners and clients.