Tweet Towel

The Challenge

We wanted to create something that raised the public profile of our work to get generations talking more, sharing more and coming together more often, and to raise funds for our inter-generational digital inclusion work.


  • 6.4 million over 65 in the UK are offline.
  • 90% of communication between 11-18 years olds is digital.

The Solution

A Tweet Towel is a cross-stitched tea towel featuring an embroidered tweet of your choice.

It’s a mash up of traditional crafts and digital communication, a physical incarnation of the mixing and sharing of skills across generations that we were encouraging.

The personalisation aspect was also key: users could preserve one of their all-time favourite tweets or send a message to a someone else, including an exact time, date and username, plus any @ or # signs they wanted to include.

The bespoke shop experience was a crucial part of the project. Our web teams developed an interface that used the functionality of Twitter, complete with message box, character countdown and descending message feed in chronological order, but with the aesthetics of a sewing box.

A short stop-frame animation also plays after you order your Tweet Towel, showing a knitted world which imagines a Granny personally cross-stitching your message.

The animation was also re-cut as a piece of promotion material.

The primary marketing activity, however, was seeding the product amongst relevant influencers. We sent Tweet Towels with personal messages to key bloggers, trend setters, and the Twitterati. Their public reaction to their unique gift via their tweets, twit pics and blogs became our advertising campaign encouraging others to get their own Tweet Towels.



The Tweet Towel has created its own little community of Tweet Towelers, who, obviously, tweet regularly, Tweet Towel regularly and combine the two with Twit pics of their Tweet Towels. May it twundle forth.


All profits from sales of the Tweet Towels go towards our inter-generational digital inclusion projects, allowing us to develop and add features to Internet Buttons and get this free tool used by a wider audience.

Additionally the publicity the Tweet Towel received raised public awareness of our other projects and work to get generations talking more, sharing more and coming together more often.



Looking for an ethical gift for your hip social media loving friends? The people behind Historypin and I’m NOT a Plastic Bag have brought out a Tweet Towel – so you can send a Tweet to a loved one (or anyone really), even if they are off line.

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