Jacques Le Trash

Partner: Bestival and T in The Park

The Challenge

When set the challenge of creating something that facilitated behaviour change at festivals, we decided to create something that would help people to recycle their rubbish in a fun, non-preachy manner.

We wanted to bring the bins to the people rather than expecting people to go to the bins, and to make the process of recycling part of the festival experience – to be talked about, photographed and enjoyed.

Whilst there are recycling points throughout the festival sites they are sporadically located, and not always on hand when someone is ready to drop their can, cup or cigarette butt. Here was our opportunity…


  • 85,000 people attend T in the Park each year producing around 800 tonnes of waste, of which 40% is recycled

The Solution

We created Jacques Le Trash, a 12 meter long, pink dragon with a dodgy French accent and a penchant for eating rubbish. His three bellies can be filled with recyclable waste and he’s also got a place for you to stick your used cigarette butts too, best left to the imagination.

His 4 metre high head and humps can be seen above a crowd from miles away, making him an easily-spotted icon of a festival. Jacques Le Trash rewards any donations with a stamp in the shape of a bite-mark, which appeared on every conceivable body part of festival-goers.

Jacques Le Trash also has his own facebook profile which allows him to grow a following of fans and be tagged by the public in their photos of the festival.

Jacques le Trash ate his way around Bestival in 2010, and T in the Park in 2011.


Jacques Le Trash encourages the public to participate in recycling rubbish, changing the “not my problem” attitude and getting literally thousands of people doing a behaviour they would never normally bother to do.


Bestival was a very proud recipient of an ‘Outstanding’ Greener Festival Award in 2009 and we’re keen to keep improving our green standards year upon year. When We Are What We Do told us about Jacques we couldn’t wait to get him his festival wristband and set him loose among the crowd – anything that encourages recycling is a welcome addition to our eco conscious event!

Kate Jackman – Bestival Environmental Manager