Great Recipe Archive

Partner: Innocent

The Challenge

Innocent drinks liked the work we had been doing to get generations talking more, sharing more and coming together more often and briefed us to create a new Campaign Smoothie project that encouraged inter-generational behaviour.

The Solution

As part of the inter-generational research that also informed the development of Historypin, Internet Buttons and the Tweet Towel, we identified the value of creating products and tools that encouraged the transmission of useful life-skills both up and down the generations, the continuation of culture, history and identity and a reduction in age-based prejudice and discrimination.

Specifically we wanted to create something around family recipes. The research paper The State of Intergenerational Relations Today specifically mentions cooking as a primary example of a life skill to be exchanged inter-generationally to help the social health of the nation.

Creating something digital that encouraged learning “up” generations (technology life skill was another key life skill cited by the ILC paper, this time traditionally passed from the young to the old) meant this became a mutual exchange.

The outcome was The Great Recipe Archive, a communal digital archive of recipes handed down from previous generations that not only preserved the required ingredients and cooking instructions, but also encouraged users to share memories and stories associated with the recipes.

The required fields when submitting a recipe encouraged users to speak to family members, cite who passed down the recipe to them and recall memories associated with cooking or eating.

Innocent launched and promoted the Great Recipe Archive on special packs of peaches and passion fruit smoothie over a six month period.