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Solar Panels

May 4, 2012, 1 Comment. See and add yours.
Good is: Saves money.
Issues: CO2 Emissions.

The government guarantees you a fixed price per kW hour of electricity you produce, whether you use it or not, via Feed-in tariffs. This price depends when you install your panels and connect to the grid, but it currently 41.3p per kWhr, and is guaranteed for 25 years. Solar panels (eg from this good company) are now for money-grubbers not just eco-warriors.

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One Response to “Solar Panels”

  1. Solar Boy says:

    Feed in tariffs are set to change yet again soon so anyone thinking of installing a solar system will need to act fast to take full advantage of any rebate.
    The cost of solar panels is dropping by the day so the time to invest has never been better.

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