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Good is: Easy, Saves money, and Useful.
Issues: Road Safety.

What service would make it easier not to drink and drive than to do so? Going out and getting safely home at the end of the night has been made a little easier by ScooterMAN and their chauffeur services that will get you – and your car – from the pub, party, or club all the way home. Their team of experienced drivers arrive on small collapsible scooters, and after placing the scooter in a protective case and loading it into your boot, ScooterMAN takes the wheel while you sit back and enjoy not getting a drunk driving ticket. Cheaper than a taxi, and with the added benefit of being able to drive yourself at the start of the night, ScooterMAN provides an easy, safe way to party as hard as you want, and makes the roads a little safer for the rest of us.

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