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Good is: Cool, Saves money, and Useful.
Issues: Recycling.

You’re looking to get rid of your TV set, your neighbor’s son has outgrown his car seat, and your Mom wants to get rid of some old toys that have been cluttering her attic for years. They could all end up in a landfill somewhere, never to be used again, but Freecycle and their community of nearly 2.5 million members in the UK alone has other ideas. The site allows users to post items they are looking to offer, and others to post wanted messages of what they are looking for. Once a match has been made users simply set a time and location to meet up and give or receive the items for free. People use it to easily get rid of things they no longer want, and get new items you do need – all for no charge. But its incidentally reducing vast amounts of waste. That’s a win-win-win.

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