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Dans le Noir?

August 7, 2012, No Comments yet. Add yours.
Good is: Cool and Fun.
Issues: Community and Disability.

By taking away all natural and artificial light sources the restaurant Dans le Noir?  gives their customers the unique experience of eating completely in the dark at their locations in LondonParisNew YorkBarcelona, and St. Petersburg. Guests are led by the blind staff to their tables and have to eat everything from soup to pasta in the pitch black.It is marketed as a novel eating experience, helping you “experience your sense of taste, smell, and sound like never before”, but it incidentally helps you experience what it’s like to be blind or visually impaired, at least for a few hours.It puts us in mind of the dolls teenagers are given to experience the responsibilities of having a baby: but instead of the experience being something forced upon you by a matronly Sex-Ed teacher who insists you “know what it’s like”, it’s something droves of people are paying for as it’s positioned as an interesting culinary delight.

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