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Cereal Bars

September 11, 2012, No Comments yet. Add yours.
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Jordans was one of the first companies to start mass producing cereal bars in the early 80s, as an extension product out of their breakfast cereal range, which was itself only developed in the early 70s.Oat-based granola was previously a staple of the 60s wholefoods movement that swept the health-conscious West Coast of America: very much the preserve of hippies. Jordans repositioned it as something that they could market to the American mainstream: an instant healthy breakfast, much more convenient than the traditional cooked alternative.Whether their health benefits really did outweigh a more traditional egg-based breakfast is debated in Louise Hidalgo’s documentary “The Food that Make Billions”, but Jordans, and all the other companies that now make cereal bars, did bring a healthy snack that could be eaten on the go to the marketplace and the cereal industry is now worth billions.

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