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26.Book Crossing

Book Crossing

October 2, 2012, No Comments yet. Add yours.
Good is: Cool, Easy, and Fun.
Issues: Recycling.

Self named the “World’s Library”, Book Crossing strives to make sure books don’t just sit on shelves and gather dust, but circulate around the globe. When you become a member of the site for free you can register your book which will be assigned a BCID (Book Crossing ID) that you place inside the cover. When you’ve finished reading it you pass it on either to a friend, stranger, or by leaving it somewhere like a café or park bench, then simply check back on the site to see where the book has gone and who has enjoyed it. Frequent users also upload wish lists on the site and fellow Book Crossers may choose to send used books along to someone they know will enjoy them rather than leaving it to chance. This gives more people access to great books, reduces waste, and if you are on the receiving end you get the benefit of a totally free read.

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